Our doctors are trained in several different chiropractic adjusting techniques, but mostly perform what is referred to as “manual adjusting”. This is when the chiropractic adjustment is delivered with the hands, as opposed to an adjusting instrument. This type of adjustment typically makes a “pop” or “cracking” noise, caused simply by gases being released from around the joint being adjusted. For patients who are uncomfortable with this type of adjustment, an Activator adjusting instrument can be used to deliver the adjustment as well. There is usually no body noise with this type of adjustment, just a “click” created by the instrument itself.

Our doctors have been in practice for over a decade and have adjusted patients of all shapes, sizes and ages (even their own children just minutes after birth). Chiropractic research has shown adjustments delivered by trained chiropractors to be safe, gentle, and effective for many health challenges and people seeking a healthier lifestyle. Chiropractic care is even gentle enough for babies, pregnant moms, and grandparents!

We have our own x-ray facility and x-ray technician on site who has been licensed for almost 20 years!

Our staff will verify your insurance benefits for you and bill your insurance for services rendered. We will work with you to make your care as affordable as possible for you and your family. Payments plans and arrangements can be made to address most situations and we are happy to help – just ask!

We have a licensed massage practitioner on site that we have worked with for over 7 years, and who takes care of our own doctors and staff.

We have a comfortable and relaxed office atmosphere where you, your family and friends are always welcome. We have a self-serve coffee, tea, cocoa and snack bar, and bottled water available. Children are welcome and we even have a play area just for them. Family and friends can visit with you to see how our office works and questions are encouraged. The best experiences come when you have the support of your loved ones!

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